Established in 1999 by friends-turned-business partners Antonio and Cristiano (the AC in our name), our company was founded on the idea of offering travelers alternative accommodations to your typical hotel room, to experience and ‘live’ Rome just like the locals do.

We’re not fans of cookie-cutter tourism, which is why all our properties are different from one another, from the tiny details and layouts to the locations—though every apartment is located in some of Rome’s most sought-after areas, including Piazza Navona, Trastevere, Colosseum and Testaccio. 

Formerly Rome Accommodation, we’ve now rebranded as ROMAC, to bring our guests into the next chapter of true Roman hospitality.

1999 – 2020

Apart from passionate and dedicated staff and premium services, another common trait you’ll find across our homestays? Space. Featuring at least two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and generous living areas, our homes away from home provide plenty of room — literally — to welcome large groups under the same roof, for a truly personal and intimate Roman holiday. 

For a self-catered, uniquely immersive break in the most beautiful city in the world, ROMAC’s accommodations fuse just the right amount of charm, comfort and superior hospitality. Add to that our passion for our beautiful hometown, which we are thrilled to share with all our guests, and you’ll see why we’re giving you much more than just a place to stay.

Meet the ROMAC Team

Managing Director & Co-founder

Antonio Zanca

An engineer with a penchant for renovating properties, Antonio grew up in Sicily, but moved to Rome to pursue his studies. While still deeply in connected to his native island, he loves the unique culture and character of the Eternal City, and the potential it has held for indulging his interests : bringing old houses back to life, and turning them into holiday apartments. “Ogni riccio è un capriccio” (Every curl is a quirk) is a classic Italian saying that people often use to descibe him.

A lover of sports and animals, Antonio can usually be found on his scooter, scavenging for new projects. Today, he directs ROMAC with his inseparable business partner and friend Cristiano.

Managing Director & Co-founder

Cristiano Mirandola

A sociologist, sommelier and epicure, Cristiano likes to scour the world for vacation experiences that let him soak the spirit of the places he visits, and really grasp their culture and cuisine.

A dreamer, he lives for dramatic experiences but also loves yoga and being in nature. After working several years for his family’s publishing house, he decided to open his first vacation home in Rome’s bohemian neighborhood Testaccio in 1999. In 2001 – at an annual tenant meeting – he met Antonio, who would become a great friend and co-founder of Rome Accommodation.

General Manager

Rubina Ronci

Born and raised in Rome, Rubina loves the city immensely, from the suburbs to the historic center. She likes getting lost in its narrow, maze-like alleys because they’re always hiding unexpected surprises. The same curiosity drives her to travel, whenever possible, to discover new countries and cultures, from a small town in Tuscany to a huge metropolis in the United States. She likes to learn foreign languages and has a university degree in Russian.

While she’s not generally very talkative, ask her about her beloved dog and she’ll go on for days. Curious and genuine, she’s responsible for the coordination of different areas of ROMAC, and is the creative force behind the company’s social media.

Business Administrator

Marika Cascapera

When Marika’s in the office she’s buried deep in administrative paperwork, so it’s no surprise that when she’s not she’s passes her free time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Every weekend during the summer she’s at the beach where she indulges her passion for tanning. She loves working out and often goes jogging in the park or heads to the gym for more intensive and structured workouts. A huge fan of Rome’s soccer team, she’s held an annual pass for years at the south end of Stadio Olimpico so she’ll never miss a match. If you have any question about soccer, you know who to ask. She’ll surprise you with how much she knows about the sport!

Booking Agent

Selene Talarico

With a University degree in foreign languages ​​and a huge passion for tourism, Selene is our booking agent. Despite her young age, she has an excellent experience in this sector, thanks to different collaborations in Italy and abroad. For ROMAC she manages reservations and assists our guests before and during their stay, listens to their requests, and fulfills their wishes.

In her spare time, she loves travelling and playing volleyball.

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